Friday, October 02, 2009

Where is Roberta?

The last rays of sunshine of the day in Berlin yesterday at a little cafe near "home" where I bravely sat outside (most definitely fall here!)
My first German meal: 2 little things with eggs, a treat and a Diet Coke, all under 5E.
Where I am sitting now as I write this (except it's dark outside!)
No, I have not dropped off the face of the earth, but have had a few busy weeks and either not much time or, frankly, interest in sitting down to blog (when I had sights to see!) or stuck without wifi. Anyways, I am alive and well and currently in Berlin.

I got here yesterday and after a trip out to get a bite to eat and get groceries - and climb the 80+ stairs back up to my wonderful flat, I have been tucked in here. It is cool, and I was tired, so I actually stayed in bed until 4pm. Heavenly! At that point I was going to go out, but it started to rain, so I transferred to the couch.... It is now 8:30pm and I am cooking some pasta (yes, me!) and laying low until tomorrow. Such are the luxuries of having a month in a city: one has the opportunity to recharge one's batteries.

I will attempt to update my blog with some of my recent activities, but here is a quick snapshot: I ended up leaving Rome a week earlier than planned so I could see a bit more of Italy while I was in the area. I took the train to Florence where I spent four nights, then onward to Venice where I spent two nights, and then I flew from Venice to Berlin. I am here until the end of October.

I've actually been drafting some blog entries offline on my iTouch when I've had time to kill (aka travelling), so there is hope for the updates...


Alexandra said...

Hooray! Can't wait to hear more about ....well, everything!
Love A.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! So great, to be tagging along again on the Journey... how is the Coffee in Berlin? Hope your flat is warm and cozy !!
~ Vancouver Island Girls

Mabel @ Barcelona said...

Yeah, Berlin is super cheap! Enjoy!