Monday, January 25, 2010

A week in Paris

I am in Paris for the second time this trip. While not as warm as it was in July (I'm just glad it isn't snowing this week), Paris has this ability to warm my heart and make me feel instantly at home. I. Adore. Paris.

Yesterday I went out for a bite to eat late afternoon and found myself amidst the Sunday afternoon brunch crowd at Cafe Charlot. I tried to be sneaky with this pic... Look at the 2 guys at the low table by the door.... yes, that's a puppy looking up at them. Adorable, and so French!
Today I was in the area of Gare St. Lazare train station and was taken by the interesting clock sculpture just outside.
There were men hawking goods on the corner, two selling flowers - and a third one sadly out of my shot, selling avacados.

The clock theme was picked up in the chairs of the cafe where I had a late lunch. Here is the view looking over my crepe fromage to the street beyond...
... then a sight more commonly seen elsewhere, there were strange people wearing strange clown wigs walking down the street. Hardly Paris high fashion, but spotted in Paris nonetheless:
I am in Paris for a week and am staying in Marais (the 3rd) only 3 blocks from the flat where I stayed in August. Again I have a flat, very cute, and very teensy. Perfect for one! It is nice to be in a familiar area... had a beer after shopping today and was recognized by the waiter, which was a nice feeling (for the benefit of my niece, that was the spot where we would watch the motorcycles flying by!).
I am laying low, recovering my energy after my intense but fabulously enriching week at Pueblo Ingles in La Alberca last week. Tomorrow I have lunch with a friend and Wednesday I celebrate my birthday. A birthday in Paris, what a fabulous idea... I am having fun thinking about what I will do that day...


Laura said...

Happy Birthday! A fellow Aquarius -my bday is this week too but sadly, I won't be spending it in PARIS like you! Have a FAB bday!!! - Laura

Anonymous said...

Soooo nice to see "our" city! I think just being in the city is rad for your Birthday, buy maybe champagne at the Eiffel Tower!?!?!?

Have a fab Birthday!!!

Luv ya,

Roberta said...

What a perfect idea B! I was thinking Eiffel Tower, but hadn't thought of the champagne yet... :-) xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

"Timely Place" for a tweet n treat... think i'd enjoy perching on a clock chair... imagine scratching my back against it and 'changing time' !!!
( so often still feel that time is my Master )

How neat that The Waiter recognized you in the other Cafe !!!!!

Here's to a Parisian Party... wish we were there to celebrate with you xox ~ luv PK