Saturday, February 06, 2010

Easing Back Into Things?

First, to put a smile on your face, check out this cool rendition of Stand by Me on YouTube forwarded to me by one of my new Spanish friends. Just one of the ways my time at Pueblo Ingles is continuing to play a part if my life. The only thing that is killing me is that they are having gatherings in Madrid that I can't attend. Oh well, I have friends for life, and will be back one day. I hope.

I have now been home exactly 1 week. I'd planned to ease back into things upon my return, but on top of two job interviews this week, I have done 2.5 days contract work, and will be back at it Monday. Veeeerrry interesting! I am off to Victoria for the weekend to visit my mom - and celebrate her 88th birthday. I hope she will enjoy the decadent macaroons I bought at the Paris airport.

I had never heard of Laduree before, and thought the Laduree shop I saw in the airport it was a bath shop, but oooh la la, the sweets!!! But after my birthday celebration, I knew what a good French macaroon was! I spent a small fortune on treats, but had to burn those last few Euros... Oh. It wasn't my imagination, they do sell bath stuff too. Here's their full corporate site. If you ever fly through Charles de Gaulle airport, hope that you get to go through terminal 2F where the shop lives just past security.


Anonymous said...

Yummy!!! ;-)

Mabel @ Barcelona said...

Congrats for your mum and on your job of course! Kisses from Barcelona, from cats as well ;)