Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Pics on a Sunny Day

What a beautiful day today. I had a great lazy day with sun streaming in my windows. I had this white plate sitting on my kitchen counter with all the beads I'd bought in Greece sitting in it - and it was so pretty there in the sun, I was inspired to take a few pics:

A nice shadow on the rocks in the garden suite below me:
I was captivated by how bright the sun was on my floors and the shapes of the shadows:
It's a doodler's life. That's what I think when I see this. It's the living room of my current place, rented furnished for a great deal (other than the gas station below, there are awesome views when you look up)... this is my little morning nest, the spot where I sit and doodle, and the sun sparkling on the glass with my pens made me want to capture it. To me, taking pictures isn't just about the truly beautiful, it's also about capturing the ordinary moments. I'll remember doodling in this spot even more now.
My view facing down Burrard Street.
My view looking towards English Bay, love being able to see the mountains, makes me appreciate being home and how lovely Vancouver is.
And, being St. Patrick's Day, there were a few interesting things to see. These guys were decking out their monster truck with shamrock stickers at the gas station below. This was the Timbits break.
Good samaritan leprechauns lend a hand....
OK, this wasn't from today, it was yesterday... the rain brought rainbows, and everyone was snapping pics.
It was actually a double-rainbow, which you can see in this pic, and was what motivated me to snap the pics.
I actually took some other cool rainbow pics a week or two ago, will have to dig them up.
So.... I started this blog update because I figured it had been awhile since I did an update.... but got distracted with pics and now I'm over my inclination to write right now, so will save that for another day. All's well, just busier than I really anticipated... More soon....

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