Monday, May 02, 2011

Reflections on 2 years

First, a few photos taken on a recent trip to Vancouver:

Today, May 1st, is an anniversary of sorts. I have lived here in Sidney for a year. I arrived by ferry from Vancouver a year ago yesterday, April 30th. A full year before that, on April 30, 2009, I worked my last day at my corporate job. So much has happened in those two years, so much of it not what I would have imagined, but it's all good, life is a journey...

Some random reflections at this point:

  • I never would have dreamed that I would be blogging from my art studio. Art was just a random thing then, I doodled a lot, and wanted to explore where it would take me, but it's very much taken on a life beyond what I had been doing then....

  • I have my first art show this month. No. That's not quite right. I am showing my art TWICE this month.

  • I have a cat, now there is a surprise.

  • While I have done occassional contract work, I have not had a "job" for 2 whole years. Wow!

Gee, thought I was going to sit down and write some long and brilliant post, yet, my fingers have stilled on the keyboard. So, will post these random thoughts, and say more another time.

Oh, I do try to udpate my beepdoodles blog more frequently these days, and that's where you can see what kind of art I am doing, where I am selling and showing stuff, etc etc.

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