Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Spring is Here?

Well spring may be very slow coming here, but that hasn't stopped us from getting out when the sun does shine. Here's mom enjoying coffee on the fab deck my brother and crew built last fall. My, how mom loves the sun!
Celebrating a nice visit from Kat - my niece and mom's granddaughter - and her beau Jono. Nice to see Kat enjoying the deck that she worked so hard on with her dad. Kat graduates in less than a month from her accounting program, and already has a job landed for fall. You are looking at a future CA!

Had great fun yesterday. It was mom's turn to decide where we'd go for a drive, and she remembered a sweet cafe/bookstore in James Bay she used to go to, and we managed to find our way back there solely based on her recollections and directions. Yeah! We had great sandwiches, coffees and treats - and picked up a few books. I love helping her figuring these little jaunts out then making her ideas come to fruition.

Victoria has one of the longest running Victoria Day parades in the country (where we celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday), and biggest. Despite the fact that it started at 9am (!), we bundled ourselves up and got there. There were a LOT of marching bands, which mom particularly enjoyed, as she used to be a trombone player in such a band as a young woman.

Smiles after the parade.....

A recent special treat: dinner out at Theo's in Sidney. Big smiles from both of us for yummy Greek food!

We stopped by Fisherman's Wharf in Victoria a few weeks back, and I was dispensed down to the dock to get fish and chips for our lunch. While I was waiting I hung out with the seals.

Oh, what a cutie~

Imagine my surprise last week when I came home to find this in our driveway!!!!! WTF? I'll leave you to guess for a minute, and will tell the story at the end of this blog post. Hmmm......

Seriously odd tree in the 'hood here...

We live about a block from the ocean here and were surprised to find out cat Maui hanging out there when we went for a walk recently. OK, he might have followed us. But he prowls this little street and hood like a pro. Anyways, here he is enjoying mom's favourite view at the end of "Memory Lane". It was adorable watching him shadow us on the way home afterwards.

Surveying the garden from atop his new-to-us scratching post out on the deck. He doesn't sit up on here all that often, but he sure loves to scratch and bat the toys around...

Seriously cuteness overload!!!!!!

Life has been surprisingly busy lately, mostly as it relates to marketing my art - see updates on my beepdoodles blog.

OK, the trampoline story: one of the neighbors here had bought it for his daughter for a birthday present. So they asked mom if they could assemble and leave it in our driveway - and kept her home and occupied sometime so she wouldn't bike up the street. Then, after she went to bed, they came over and got it to create a backyard surprise for the next morning. Amusing. And all the other neighborhood kids were crazy with excitement and intrigue.... lol

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