Tuesday, November 08, 2011

La Tête au Carré: Nice's FAB "Square Head"

OK, I have fallen in love with a building:
Image source: @olivier_m

This FANTASTIC building is located in Nice, France and it houses a library.

Rather, I thought it housed the public library, but I think it might just be the library administration buildings. That's ok, though it dents my fantasies a bit (just think about it, reading a book in the nose, wandering into the frontal lobe section, eavesdropping in the ear....).

I had really wanted to visit this area of France in 2009 (there are Picasso museums in the area!) but it just didn't work out. But now, it's biting at my fancy again, and I'm dreaming of future travel again. For me, that's two things: one is just a future trip to France, the other is a possible mission to visit fabulous library buildings around the world.... interesting premise...

Anyways the "Square Head" in Nice is the vision of local sculptor Sacha Sonso. It is actually called La Tête au Carré, which means "Thinking inside the box". How delightful! I just adore it.

If you are as fascinated as me, you might be interested in:
On the thought of fabulous library buildings in the world, here's one link I found so far: 8 Amazing Libraries (and One That’s Horrible).

This will be a fun "journey", even if it is just virtual travel for the forseable future...

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