Monday, March 18, 2013

citytravelbug book shops

citytravelbug book shops
I have long wanted to gather information on good books on interesting cities to share with others (guides, art, museums, architecture, history, culture, locals, fiction, food and so on). Afterall, I am the citytravelbug!

So have have started building book collections for cities, big and small, some I have visited, some that I haven't, and pulling those together on Amazon (it really is the best place to do it).

Here's the official blurb:
citytravelbug books have been carefully curated to satisfy your curiosity about some of the world's greatest cities. 

Whether you're planning a trip, learning more before returning, preparing to move, reliving memories, doing a little virtual travel, adding to a collection, or just having fun letting your curious mind travel, this collection is for you. 

Yes, if you buy a book online here, citytravelbug earns a little commission, but that's not really the point (though that would be lovely:). It's more important to citytravelbug that you add gems to your booklist - to pick up at your local bookstore, borrow from the library, hunt down in 2nd hand bookstores (we love that too!) or buy online - and enjoy reading them. 
For fun, I have also put some crazy expensive and obscure items in each city's "For the Collector" section. Not really expecting serious collectors (!)... just offering some artsy-travel-virtual-window-shopping!

So far, online citytravelbug book shops have been launched for Amsterdam, Athens, Budapest, Istanbul, Tel Aviv and Zurich.

Have a look, and let me know what you think. And feel free to put in a good word for whatever city you want me to build next.

UPDATE: I have decided to move all of my book related content - blog posts and book shops - into a new separate blog, dedicated to citytravelbug books! Please visit: I have also created a separate twitter handle - @citytravelbooks - just for my book tweets. (September 2, 2013)


Andy said...

Congrats on forming your travel book shop! That must be exciting for you. I am sure many will find it useful in their travels.

Roberta said...

Thanks Andy, I really appreciate it!

I've actually decided to put the books into a
new, separate blog
- I hope you'll visit!

Roberta :)