Friday, March 08, 2013


I have spent much of the past few days reconnecting with my network. I chose this image for this post because it spoke to me of plugging in, the power of connecting, and all the obvious metaphors. But it also spoke to me a bit of my time abroad, of being away physically, but also of how I have felt dis-connected from my "before" world. I feel a little like have been in a foreign land. I am here, things may seem the same, but I have been down a whole different path in my life that I never expected, and that was just so different, that bringing my focus back to work and business just seems a little off kilter. I have been thinking of different things....

Yet, as I start to connect, things do begin to fall into place rather quickly.

It has been fascinating and inspiring to be learning what various people are now doing with their lives. That's largely due to Linked In... wow, what an amazing tool it has grown into. So much elegant that when I might have been called an early adopter (before hitting pause), and all they said about what it would do to connect people really is coming true. I'm impressed. BTW, this is me on Linked In:

I have also had people reaching out to me, in my quest for new opportunities. That's rather cool. And the universe is making all sorts of other connections happen. There's a certain energy I feel when things start to align like this. It's a spark. One I like. One I remember. And one that energizes me....

image source: stock.xchange

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