Monday, November 21, 2016


-ology, a suffix derived from the Greek logos,
meaning the 'study of', 'specialty in' or 'art of' a given scientific or medical field.

Found a great list of "ologies" this morning. These caught my eye:

Aphnology = Wealth
Apiology = Bees
Argyrothecology = Moneyboxes
Batology = Brambles (not bees?!)
Cereology = Crop circles
Deltiology = Postcards
Dendrochronolgy = Tree growth rings
Enterology = The intestines
Eremology = Deserts
Escapology = Escape from confinement
Gizmology = Technological gadgetry
Hippology = Horses (not hippos?)
Ichnology = Fossil footprints
Latrinology = Writings on toilet walls
Lipsology = Lip prints
Mellittology = Bees
Nidology = Bird's nests
Numismatology = Coins & medals
Odology = The mystical force of od
Odonatology = Dragonflies
Omnibology = Motorbuses (always wondered about the roots of "omnibus")
Pachydermatology = Elephant skin
Palaeometeorology = Past patterns of global atmospheric transport
Palaeotempestology = Ancient storms
Pelology = Mud as a therapy
Pharology = Lighthouses
Phrenology = Skull form as indication of character
Plangonology = Dolls
Plutology = Wealth (if you can't be a planet...)
Pogonology = Beards
Psephology = Elections & voting (timely)
Pterylology = The arrangement of bird's feathers
Ptochology = Pauperism & unemployment
Punnology = Puns
Rabdology = Arithmetic using Napier's Bones
Rumpology = Fortune telling by reading the rump
Tartarology = Hell
Teleseismology = Tremors due to distant earthquakes
Timbrology = Postage stamps
Tsiganology = Gypsies
Typtology = Spirit rappings
Vexillology = Flags

List of ologies

Previously posted under the name Onologies, now corrected as Ologies

April 12, 2018: did I really write a blog post about ologies and call it onologies? Good grief. It's word play, so at least I should get it right... In the meantime, see my blog post today about the new Ologies Podcast.

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