Friday, November 18, 2016

Still the thrill of being a travel agent

It's been almost 4 years, and still I sometimes get such a thrill out of the realization that I am a travel agent.

Today it hit me when I started work on a request for one of my favourite clients, a business student, who needs flights for a job she starts in January. She's in Tokyo right now, returns for Christmas, and needs to be in Heidenheim de Brenz, Germany, in early January. There is a bit of flexibility on dates, but not much.

So, where is Heidenheim de Brenz, you say? Me too.

Once I found out where the town was, I had to figure out what airport is closest, with good transportation to the smaller town. That would be Stuttgart Airport (STR), but roundtrip flights from Victoria are a little pricey, so I am sitting down now to explore more options.

Next stop: Rome to Rio (great tool!)

I absolutely LOVE this stuff.

Sure, it's not the stuff I make the most on, but that doesn't matter.

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