Sunday, December 11, 2016

I rest my case against "clickbait"

Inspired by a Lonely Planet article today, Stinge Henge: eight alternative ancient stone monuments, I  have been learning about the Ring of Brodgar.

I admit that it was my dislike of the article's "Stinge Henge" title that made me click the link. I suppose I was ready to wag my virtual finger at LP, mocking their use of the title.

The truth is I actually got lost, after I went to Wikipedia to find a Creative Commons image I could find to accompany my tweet. I found myself deep into learning about this particular henge.

Proving, of course, that clickbait works. Would I have even read the article if it didn't have the annoying title? Very possibly not.

I rest my own case against clickbait. I guess I've crossed over to the other side now.

PS. I am now writing a blog post about the Ring of Brodgar for my cruisetravelbug blog... I'll return here to post a link when its published.

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