Thursday, December 08, 2016

Something I am passionate about...

... is kindness.

It seems, perhaps, an unusual passion, considering the vitriol of the recent American election. Or perhaps it makes perfect sense. But for me, kindness is at the heart of living peacefully in this world.

A little bit of kindness goes a long way. A very looong way.

I haven't always understood this. It was a lesson learned the hard way.

I've made my share of mistakes, I've had moments of acting out in a way that could not seem to be anything but unkind, even if that wasn't the intent. Until I took a close look at myself, and did some personal work, I often wasn't even aware of the impact of myself on others.

I am grateful that I learned those lessons.

But I slowly came to see that kindness is something I value, perhaps more than anything else.

You can't be respectful, if you aren't kind.

If you are kind, it's not hard to be respectful.

You can't be generous, if you aren't kind. Generosity without kindness is not sincere.

You can't be sincere, if you aren't kind. If you are kind, sincerity flows naturally.

Today I realize that kindness is something I value, perhaps more than anything else.

If you're kind,

And it's kindness of thought that matters, just not actions.

If you aren't compassionate, there isn't a l

Long ago, before I got to the root of it, I had streaks where I my impatience, frustration or anger would overwhelm me, and my interactions with the world were not always kind.

In retrospect, it makes complete sense that once I took care of some personal issues (therapy is a good thing!), I didn't have unresolved issues overflowing into the world around me.

I have learned from the kindness of others, those who have extended kindness to me, even when I didn't seem to be responding in kind.

Lessons also came to me in just observing others.

those who accept an apology gracefully

We are all on different paths in this world, and you never know what the person you are interacting with is going through. You have no idea what a difference a kind word can make. You may never know. But it is an easier world to get through, if you just give a little kindness.

I have come to understand the value of kindness

I live by this rule on a daily basis, and it's not often anymore that I give it much thought. It seems to come naturally to me.

Not that long ago though, when overwhelmed with the task of closing down my late mother's home, and moving, I lost my patience in a McDonald's drive through. The lack of the ability of the person to understand my simple request, brought out the worst of me. I not only felt bad, but I felt compelled to make it right. Lucky for me, I was able to return to the drive through the next morning, and was able to get the same employee, so I had an opportunity to apologize. This person, who'd I'd never seen smile much in the past, broke into the biggest grin, was so grateful, and showered me with kindness.

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