Monday, January 26, 2009

The coolest coffee table in the world

I'm in NYC baby!
This coffee table is in the 'club' lounge in my hotel - if you just touch the table - with even a feather touch or shuffling the newspaper, the water ripples. Or appears to. It is incredibly realistic - it knows where you touched, and how gently or hard. It is so cool!! I commented to the server and he said it only cost $15K. Yup, that's 15 grand. A Microsoft special. Guess I'll just be enjoying it here.
the club lounge is great, just down the hall from my room on the 44th floor. The free appies were enough to feed me for dinner ;-) and they have breaky too. Nice.
I was a little annoyed when someone knocked on my door earlier when I had my 'do not disturb' sign up. But he apologized and I forgave when he brought in an exquisite complimentary cheese and fruit tray, and bottle of red wine - and best wishes for my 50th - courtesy of the woman who gave me my room upgrade. Sweet.
Today was pretty lazy, and my flight was delayed yesterday and I didn't get in until 2am. I splurged and took a cab (which turned out to be a limo), rather than the subway, given the hour. Still fighting my cold, but I'm winning. And the red wine helps.
I am sporting a new watch from the Fossil store. It was a planned purchase (the one thing I wanted to buy while I was here), but it's cooler than I could have imagined. The strap is made up of ovals of steel and deep brown wood. Can't find a pic of it on their website, maybe it's that new!! lol
Looked at groovy lime green cowboy boots, just a little under $600. gasp!!! lol. Let's just say my feet are as yet unadorned with anything new.
Relaxing, working on that wine, doodling, and thinking what I may do tomorrow....

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