Saturday, January 31, 2009

Drunk on Picassos

My visit to the Met yesterday was so awesome it was actually overwhelming. But, ooh la la! Saw loads of Picassos, quite a few Miros, and got to know a few other modern artists who had escaped my attention before. Throw in a couple of Warhols and my day was complete. Oh, but there were also Salvador Dalis (always makes me wonder what went on in his mind), Van Goghs,Monets, Rodins, and more. All this after wandering through the Greek and Roman statues, wowee.... You know you are art satiated, when you start wandering by Reniors with barely a glance. I could spend a week at the Met, and maybe I will sometime. ***swoon**

That might not be such a stretch, considering that in addition to now having enough Aeroplan points to get me back to NYC, tonight I scored a free round trip on US Airways by allowing myself to get bumped in Phoenix. LOL. Poor me, I get to spend 24 hours somewhere warm, with an outdoor pool, where someone else is paying for my hotel. Sweet! I get a round trip, or $300 off an international flight. This is an inconvenience I can handle quite happily!

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