Sunday, January 18, 2009

Those sneakers hanging over telephone wires

I've always been curious about those sneakers hanging on telephone wires mean.
I was just listening to a guest on Studio 4 talking about his work with kids and music. Rob Kapilow said he'd met a young boy from an inner city neighborhood who would hang sneakers over the telephone wire whenever one of his friends got shot (they then went on to co-create a rap song about his friend).
There may be more than one meaning, but this one caught my breath. Right now I don't even want to know the other meanings, I want to sit with this for awhile...


Drew said...

Hey I am writing a book and this picture would be perfect. Is it ok if I use it in my book? I can list you in my credits or not if you dont want to.

Roberta said...

Hi Drew,

Sorry, thought I answered this when you first posted it, overlooked it. Yes, that would be fine!

Good luck with your book