Saturday, June 06, 2009

Happy feets!

My feet feel - and look - awesome after my pedicure and parrafin wax today! Pic taken with one of my recent doodles.

Reflections on 23 days to go:
  • I loooove being able set my own pace again: today I goofed around for the morning, then out for a doctor's appointment, then an iced Americano and doodling in the sun on the front stairs of the Vancouver Art Gallery, cheered on some street dance performers on Robson Street, then pampered my feet.... ah, it's 4pm, and I can do my contract work now that I've had my fill of the nice day out
  • New idea: get a pedicure in each city I am in while travelling... for the most part, I'll be staying a month in each city, so it will be a nice treat - and I can have pretty toes all the way through my trip.... and a fun blog post to make each time I get them done (I'm thinking bright toes perched happily with the Eiffel Tower in the background...).. if I'm broke I can always go to a school that needs willing feets...
  • 23 days to go feels great, and even better knowing that I plan to clear out of my apartment a week ahead of that (a friend is lending me her apartment for the last week, while she's on vacation... nice gesture, greatly appreciated - and she has a pool!)
  • Same friend is going to visit me in Berlin in October for 10 days - so cool! Will be great to catch up, and have some good eats and drinks out with her ;-)
  • Happy that my niece has accepted my invitation to join me in Paris... she's a 'starving student' (jewellry) and she adores Paris (wants to live there one day)... she has a break from school and has saved up for her airfare - glad to give her a free place to stay - and she's a total blast ;-)
  • Already know I'll see friends for coffee in both Paris and Rome
  • I feel sooooo much lighter with so much of my stuff purged
  • It's kinda nice to be getting a bit of a tan before I go... think I might need to be seeking out shade once I land in Barcelona!


Deborah Valentine said...

Love reading your blogs..You are doing what the rest of us can only dream of!!

Roberta said...

Hi Debbie, yes, it's pretty darn exciting! Will be in for me new "do" soon...