Sunday, June 14, 2009

Reflections on 15 days to go...

First of all, damn, I missed the World Naked Bike Ride in Vancouver today... fortunately, someone took some mighty fine pics from the San Francisco ride (more here).... hmmmm... some mighty fine scenery there ;-)... Oh, I wasn't actually going to ride, just in case that clarification is needed.

So.... 15 days to go until I leave for Europe for a year:
  • Holy shit!!
  • Hee!!
  • Oh my, I have a lot to do...
  • I love my empty closests, I never want that much stuff again
  • Progress is being made on pretty well everything on my list
  • Now if only I was smart enough to not do an incorrect change of address, sheesh, have to file a correction
  • Now if only a particular credit card arrives, I'll be all set (they sent it, never arrived, had to cancel it and reissue -- and there's nothing one can do to speed up a bank)... lol
  • Oh yea, I have more contract days to work than I have days left in this fair city.... good thing I am a whacky worker.... my client said to me recently when I email her at 4am that she's not sure if I am up early, or still up - she's right, it could be either ;-)
  • Had a couple of days last week where I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, but knew it would pass... and it has
  • Made a decision today to store a small amount of stuff in a storage locker (they rent them for only $25 in my friend's building 2 blocks away, so only $300 for the year)... I am still getting things down to a hair of what I used to have, but this is easier than schlepping stuff out to a friend's garage
  • This is one of a few "letting go" moments I expect I'll have, where I had ideas on what I'd do, but right now I need to simplify

It is 6pm in Vancouver and it is 23c.... and it is 3am in Barcelona and it is also 23c.... ah, heaven...

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