Friday, June 19, 2009

More toes than days to go!

Well, here I am, down to only 9 days to go....

Random reflections:
  • These aren't my feet, but mine are this happy!
  • Champagne last night with a friend - and a "last supper" in my fav restaurant - Lombardo's downstairs in my building - a fun and special evening
  • I have an iTunes import factory hard at work here...
  • By the end of the day this apartment will be practically bare
  • Feel lucky that I happen to be at home today when the last show of CBC Politics is shown - I will miss "the broooaaaadcast" from Don Newman...
  • This is also my last day for owning a TV!
  • LOL - oops, my tv will be gone by 2:00.... guess I'll have to watch that show online!
  • My kitchen consists of 1 fork, 1 spoon, 2 knives, a corkscrew, 2 mugs and a tupperware container (the lid doubles as a plate)
  • My cosmetic collection now consists of 1 Chapstik
  • Hoping the cold I managed to catch the other day is almost gone
  • Drove my last Car Coop car yesterday - looking forward to cashing in my shares and putting them towards my travel fund (I will join again when I am back in Vancouver, it's been awesome and I love not owning a car!)
  • Enuf drivel, I got stuff to do! ;-)

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