Saturday, January 31, 2009

Drunk on Picassos

My visit to the Met yesterday was so awesome it was actually overwhelming. But, ooh la la! Saw loads of Picassos, quite a few Miros, and got to know a few other modern artists who had escaped my attention before. Throw in a couple of Warhols and my day was complete. Oh, but there were also Salvador Dalis (always makes me wonder what went on in his mind), Van Goghs,Monets, Rodins, and more. All this after wandering through the Greek and Roman statues, wowee.... You know you are art satiated, when you start wandering by Reniors with barely a glance. I could spend a week at the Met, and maybe I will sometime. ***swoon**

That might not be such a stretch, considering that in addition to now having enough Aeroplan points to get me back to NYC, tonight I scored a free round trip on US Airways by allowing myself to get bumped in Phoenix. LOL. Poor me, I get to spend 24 hours somewhere warm, with an outdoor pool, where someone else is paying for my hotel. Sweet! I get a round trip, or $300 off an international flight. This is an inconvenience I can handle quite happily!

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Today at the Guggenheim

A couple of works I saw today...

I didn't know Marc Franz's work, but I loved the energy on this one.

This Chagall was quite charming.

I also saw a Picasso I loved, but can't manage to find a pic of it on their site.... and when I Google images online for "Head of a Woman" I find dozens of paintings he did labelled the same, but not the one I saw. But I do have it on a magnet.

Part of the Guggenheim was closed while they were working on an installation, but it was kind of cool to see. I loved the building. Frank Lloyd Wright was a genious!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

50 and fabulous

Today I took a backstage tour at Radio City Music Hall. It's such an awesome space, and I adored it when I saw Aretha Franklin here last year. Now, here I am, having my picture taken on the stage of Radio City Music hall on my 50th birthday. Cool stuff.

It was a pretty lazy day, considering I went back to bed after breakfast and didn't get out the door until 1:30. Visited the Papyrus store and bought myself a cute little yellow journal. Then the tour. Then to lunch - fab carrot soup, a grilled cheese off the kid's menu (really!), a couple glasses of wine, then melted over the little slabs of home made dark chocolate they gave me with my bill. OK, I asked for seconds. I then browsed at the Met's downtown store, and fell for a fab silver necklace fashioned after a Viking artifact. Not sure I would have sprung the $90 if I hadn't had that wine...

Then, home for a nap, then my Rangers game. Now 'home' at my hotel, thinking about going for a night cap in the club lounge here. And reflecting on the nice calls from my family today. Oh, and I feel fab in my new duds. The girl is 50. Isn't that something? Feels good. I am definitely comfortable in my own skin.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reflections on turning 50 tomorrow

50 pink roses, for 50 years. Tomorrow. Wow.
Interesting that that's all I can think to say right now.
But I'll greet my day wearing sexy new jeans and one of my new tops.
I think champagne will be called for.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The coolest coffee table in the world

I'm in NYC baby!
This coffee table is in the 'club' lounge in my hotel - if you just touch the table - with even a feather touch or shuffling the newspaper, the water ripples. Or appears to. It is incredibly realistic - it knows where you touched, and how gently or hard. It is so cool!! I commented to the server and he said it only cost $15K. Yup, that's 15 grand. A Microsoft special. Guess I'll just be enjoying it here.
the club lounge is great, just down the hall from my room on the 44th floor. The free appies were enough to feed me for dinner ;-) and they have breaky too. Nice.
I was a little annoyed when someone knocked on my door earlier when I had my 'do not disturb' sign up. But he apologized and I forgave when he brought in an exquisite complimentary cheese and fruit tray, and bottle of red wine - and best wishes for my 50th - courtesy of the woman who gave me my room upgrade. Sweet.
Today was pretty lazy, and my flight was delayed yesterday and I didn't get in until 2am. I splurged and took a cab (which turned out to be a limo), rather than the subway, given the hour. Still fighting my cold, but I'm winning. And the red wine helps.
I am sporting a new watch from the Fossil store. It was a planned purchase (the one thing I wanted to buy while I was here), but it's cooler than I could have imagined. The strap is made up of ovals of steel and deep brown wood. Can't find a pic of it on their website, maybe it's that new!! lol
Looked at groovy lime green cowboy boots, just a little under $600. gasp!!! lol. Let's just say my feet are as yet unadorned with anything new.
Relaxing, working on that wine, doodling, and thinking what I may do tomorrow....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

How to snag a room upgrade on your birthday

I think I could write the book on how to get a free hotel upgrade. Well, only when travelling on one's birthday, but I've done it more than once. Have done it twice in Hawaii and got bumped from parking lot view to ocean front view. I think the secret is to make it clear you don't expect it.... If they have room, I'm giving them an opportunity to play hero ;-)

My upcoming reservation in NYC next week was a truly rock bottom price through Priceline, but I still emailed them, told them I was celebrating my 50th birthday, and asked very nicely if they could upgrade me. The magic worked again. I got a nice email and an upgrade from the cheapest room in the hotel to a "club floor" room, which includes a lounge on the 44th floor with tvs, free coffee, breakfast, free appys, and more. And my room itself will be on the top floors (44-50) with all sorts of other stuff thrown in.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Like many, I am still reflecting on the awesome experience of Obama's inauguration today. This is "our Kennedy". I was totally caught up in the moment. I can't imagine what it was like to be an American, or black, or there. Wow. I feel hopeful for the world. Nice feeling for a change.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What a way to say goodbye to Bubba

Just bought a ticket to see "You're Welcome America A Final Night With George Bush" with Will Ferrell. I am delighted with my luck that I will be in NYC during this limited engagement. Should be fun, and I'll be there in the front row ;-)

Those sneakers hanging over telephone wires

I've always been curious about those sneakers hanging on telephone wires mean.
I was just listening to a guest on Studio 4 talking about his work with kids and music. Rob Kapilow said he'd met a young boy from an inner city neighborhood who would hang sneakers over the telephone wire whenever one of his friends got shot (they then went on to co-create a rap song about his friend).
There may be more than one meaning, but this one caught my breath. Right now I don't even want to know the other meanings, I want to sit with this for awhile...

Thursday, January 08, 2009