Friday, September 17, 2010

Moi: Klout says I am an Explorer

Checking out Klout today... this is moi according to my Twitter info:

Klout says I am an Explorer. Click on the thingee above to see what that says about me - or to get your own score..

I learned about Klout because I showed up as one of someone else's influencers via Twitter. I am not so concerned about clout, per se, but it's interesting to see how I am connecting online. I also got immediate benefit from Klout through the focussed suggestions it gave me on who to follow (some of my own followers who tweet on my interests that I may have missed).

btw, I am choosing not to connect Klout to Facebook... Klout may or may not be ok, but I do not trust Facebook as far as I can metaphorially throw them....

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