Saturday, September 11, 2010

Plumbing Saga Day 7: Let the clean up begin!

This is a continuation of our seemingly never-ending plumbing saga. To read the previous installment, click here. To go back to the beginning, click here.

I call this pic Still Life with Muddy Shovel. It is interesting how something so ordinary can seem so beautiful in the morning sun.And I call this one Goodbye Planter! This is looking out the back door to backyard, and this is Corey the city guy carting away a big old planter that got demolished in the process.
This pic is typical of our front yard for many of the days, lots of men, trucks and muddy dirt. This is the pile of dirt that had been hauled out of the backyard by the plumbers for the city to take away. I did not know that when you dig a hole, then fill it in, you have less dirt left over. The absence of compacting apparently. Anyways, all this had to go. Here Corey the city guy and coworker whose name I forget (really, there were soooo many) working under the watchful of eye of Joe the bossman-plumber (who had operated the bobcat to haul all that dirt out to the front yard) and his son Liam the plumber-boy watching on.
Liam was definitely the dashing young plumber in his mini-gear, seen here powerwashing the bobcat. He would later turn his efforts to the back of the house and cleaned off our stone patio. That was one messy job, and despite the awesome job he did, there are still bits of mud around a week later. It's the kind of thing that's hard to fully get rid of...
I asked Liam to take this shot, it is of the city's big machine loading the excess dirt into a dump truck. We sure had a lot of equipment around this house! It caused lots of interest along our quiet street, and even neighbors checking in that everything was ok with my mom. How kind.Inside the house, Carl the plumber replaced the old catchment pipe (?) below the bathtub and, glory be, it not only drained, but there was actually one of those little whirlpools when the water drains out. I'm not sure that has been witnessed in this house before. It was a glorious thing.

Later that day I picked up my mom and sister from the local motel. They returned home to a house that was mostly clean, and a yard that still showed strange evidence of the week that was....
The saga doesn't really end there, but that's the major stuff and, heck, 7 days is long enough to detail. Lol. I have one more little installment on what has transpired since - click here to read it.

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