Monday, September 06, 2010

Plumbing Saga Day 2: The Bathroom Sink

This is a continuation of my record of our recent plumbing saga. To start at the beginning, click here.

So... we spent the night with a brand spanking new toilet, but no door. Here is a doodle I did that day to illustrate the point (you can click to enlarge for details, if you wish).
You may notice that the doodle says 3 cute plumbers in two days, but if you will recall the story so far, you have only met 2 plumbers (both cute, of course): Carl the plumber, and Joe the bossman-plumber. Will get to plumber 3 shortly, but, for now, the day started innocently enough, waiting for a plumber to turn up and put our bathroom door back on, and to install another pump in our crawl space. Which went well. Carl did the work, and Joe came back to check that all was well. And it was.
A couple of hours later, however, my sister noticed water on the bathroom floor. I couldn't believe it. Upon closer inspection, the water was closer to the sink than the toilet. And when I opened the cabinet door, I found a slop of water down below. As I fished out the contents of the cupboard and dumped everything in the bathtub, I could see that the pipe that drains the sink wasn't exactly attached to the drain pipe below. Hmmm... Fiddled for five minutes to see if it was something easy to reconnect, but nope. So I put in another call to Sidney Plumbing.
"You're not going to believe it Joe, but there is water on our bathroom floor", I said. Enter plumber 3. This time Don the plumber was dispatched to come to our rescue. After catching up on all that had transpired the previous day and that morning, Don fixed up the bathroom sink and wrote us up a bill smaller than the others collected so far (with a joke that it was almost perfect, reading: $123.48), and went on his way.
Yeah, our plumbing problems were done!!! Or so we thought....
To read what happened on Day 3, click here.

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