Saturday, September 11, 2010

Plumbing Saga: The Final Flush

This is the conclusion to our recent plumbing saga story. To read the previous installment, click here. To go back to the beginning, click here.

Perhaps the best part of the whole saga was that mom didn't realize that we had put in the second toilet as part of the extended project, and she did not find it until 3 days later. My sister and I had gotten all the party favours ready to celebrate yet, still, she never went into the laundry room....
Finally, on about day 10, with company coming (and we wanted them to be able to use the new guest washroom!), we had to "trick" mom into going into the laundry room to make the discovery. We thought she might be mad at this addition to the job (though at this point it was really just thrown in), but she was gloriously delighted! Note the crown for the queen and her throne.
It looks pretty boring here, but this really is the most exciting outcome of the whole thing. Three women with two toilets are much more fun to live with than three women with one toilet. Absolutely!!
The overall clean up is continuing a week along and still not complete, although it's getting better. So far we have a new gate, our neighbors have their fence back, we have new pavement leading up to the back door and some early attempts have been made to get the rest of the backyard in order.
When it all began, we had no idea what would ensue, and I gather the whole thing was the talk of the plumbing and waterworks town, as it really was a drawn out mess, but it is all done now. And I am almost qualified to project manage a plumbing site. Well, almost. For now, I am happy to get to choose where I pee without a line up, and continue sweeping off the dried mud from the stairs....

To read the whole story from the beginning, click here.

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