Monday, April 04, 2016

I am terrified of my tv

I got the keys to my new place at the beginning of February, and had the Shaw package set up within days, so that I would have internet, but it was a month or so until I brought my tv over, but never hooked it up. Finally did that yesterday. Works great. But it does scare me.

I have had this love/hate relationship with tv most of my adult life, going long stretches without owning one, but also going long stretches where it has sucked me in, and I've spent days watching mindless crap. While I came to understand those periods as just part of vegging and rebooting, I have found other ways when I'm without a tv.

Last night I sat down to watch some tv with my dinner, then curled up on my red couch (!) to finish the show, and sure enough I was there for hours. Bleh! Yes, I was relaxed, but I also missed an evening of podcasts and drawing or puzzles.

Restraint shall be needed.

Now, I am going to go make myself a cup of coffee, and sit in the sun on my deck. This is one of several days off I am taking to facilitate the move, but there is no sense going anywhere too fast.

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