Saturday, April 02, 2016


Sky. I see sky from my new bedroom window. And it makes me happy. A great big expansive sky. Right now I am bathed in morning sunlight. Some of the best sky ever here, even when the weather is dull. Ok, the sun just moved a fraction (or did a cloud move away?), and I have to adjust my position in bed in order to still see my iPad. Nice problem to have.

At mom's house, I had lots to enjoy out my window, with a little red maple that was sooo red. And the glorious huge fir trees, with branches the size of small cities, that would sway, and wave, and bounce, and sway some more in the wind. And a nice patch of sky too.

Loved that window, but love my big-bright-sky window too. I've had many great skies in my various apartment, but as a former city dweller, there were always other buildings around.


Yesterday I signed up for a 30 day challenge that involves writing every day, so my posts may go up without an image initially, to stay on track, but I will come back to add those in. I am looking forward to kickstarting a regular writing habit again.

 Wish me luck!

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