Friday, October 17, 2003

Before my morning coffee...

With my initial venturing online this morning, discovered:

Knowledge work and knowledge management are inseparable. At the Association of Knowledgework, people from every specialty cross professional, geographic, cultural, economic and hierarchical barriers to learn together. Not just another website, this is a virtual home for those who work with this stuff called knowledge.

Bloglines is "a free service that makes it easy to keep up with your favorite blogs and newsfeeds. With Bloglines, you can subscribe to the RSS feeds of your favorite blogs, and Bloglines will monitor updates to those sites. You can read the latest entries easily within Bloglines. Unlike other aggregators which require you to download and install software, Bloglines runs on our servers and requires no installation. Because your Bloglines account is accessible through a web browser, you can access your account from any Internet-connected machine." Bingo, may be exactly what I am looking for....

JOHO - Journal of the Hyperlinked Organization - I'm not even going to try and describe it, must visit.

Ever wonder what your Palm Vx would look like if you backed your car over it? Follow this link then hit page down about 2 times.

Take a peek into my brain before coffee: Gotta love it, found all that before my coffee perked, and I didn't even know I was looking! How'd I get there? For those may be interested, and even those who aren't, (OK, it's mainly me that's interested!), this all came from following a single link in this mornings elearningpost, which led me here. From there, well, you just scroll through JOHO, and see what happens! (This is life with curious mind ;-). Guess what happens when I have had my coffee first!!)

More pre-coffee discoveries:

Picking through JOHO I discovered something event better - David Weinberger's blog. ! And, for a little fun, here's a lovely comment from his website: "As for those of you who wonder why I don't write JOHO very frequently any more, take a look at my weblog. I'm writing every stinking day. Why? Beats me. Let me know if you figure it out." Well sed!! Go blogs go!

Back to JOHO, I just LOVED Weinberger's Editorial Lint: "JOHO is a free, independent newsletter written and produced by David Weinberger. If you write him with corrections or criticisms, it will probably turn out to have been your fault. To unsubscribe, send an email to with "unsubscribe" in the subject line. If you have more than one email address, you must send the unsubscribe request from the email address you want unsubscribed. In case of difficulty, let me know: There's more information about subscribing, changing your address, etc., at In case of confusion, you can always send mail to me at There is no need for harshness or recriminations. Sometimes things just don't work out between people. Dr. Weinberger is represented by a fiercely aggressive legal team who responds to any provocation with massive litigatory procedures. This notice constitutes fair warning. Any email sent to JOHO may be published in JOHO and snarkily commented on unless the email explicitly states that it's not for publication."

Thought bubble: I seem to be perking up with each discovery of people who tell-it-like-it-is...

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