Tuesday, October 14, 2003

ROI at its best is a kinda, sorta thing....

Last week I went to quite a refreshing session on "Making Quality Count: How to Get Results With Training & Development" put on by the BCHRMA, and presented by Mark Frein. Mark is Director of Executive Programs at SFU and its Learning Strategies Group. Nestled among much great content was such practical council that it made me sit up and take notice. That doesn't always happen in this town!! (at least as far as new thinking in T&D). It was this quote, "ROI, at its best, is a kinda, sorta thing" that had me cheering. The attempts to exactly measure the ROI of training are, in my mind, continuing shots in the dark and generally fruitless. I think T&D folks are driving themselves crazy trying to pin the tail on a donkey that is dancing in a land of quantum physics. There is lots you can do to measure the impact of training, but it's time this industry got real. But it takes bravery to say, nope, can't do it. Mark Frein, you are breath of fresh air!

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