Wednesday, October 22, 2003

The Scobleizer Versus Cerberus the Hound of Hades

What would happen if a member of the Windows marketing team were to publish his personal observations in a public blog? Well, it’s happening at the Scobleizer Weblog, the personal blog of Robert Scoble. Jay Cross told me about this article, "The Scobleizer Versus Cerberus the Hound of Hades". It is a fascinating read!!!

An excerpt from the article: "I've gotten email from people telling me they have changed their attitude about Microsoft because of my blog," says Scoble. "It helps me share the company's beliefs." It also helps Microsoft hear what the market is saying, both good and bad. "I link to everyone who hates Microsoft, and I send the negative stuff to the executives," he says.
Here's the link to the actual Scobleizer Weblog.

Scoble had an interesting chuckle over this, and so did i: Freud Meets Blogs.

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