Thursday, October 16, 2003

Harvard blogs + more

A discovery today as part of my quest about blogs in learning: Weblogs at Harvard Law. It's really a meta-blog, a blog all about blogs - in general, and at Harvard Law. There's some good examples of legal stuff relating to blogs here, such as their terms of use. All those lawyers have been thinking about this stuff.

This led to other discoveries, from access to 80+ blogs at Harvard Law, and another recent blogger conference, BloggerCon, to this interesting NYT article: "Can Johnny Blog?",

Plus, I found: "How to enable Trackback on your Weblog" - this is something I've been meaning to learn more about, so nabbing the link here to return to. Plus, "How Trackback works".

Other stuff I found today:
Some uses of blogs in education - this is a great matrix!!! Even though I have been coming up pretty dry in my quest for examples of blogs in corporate learning, this model helps me frame the possibilities.

As always, the process keeps opening doors, and windows, and this little 'ol mind.

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