Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Blogging books

By way of the wonder of this online world, today I received two more books on blogging:
"We Blog: Publishing Online with Weblogs", by Paul Bausch, Matthew Haughhey and Meg Haurihan
"Blog On: The Essential Guide to Building Dynamic Weblogs", by Todd Stauffer

I am adding these two to the one title I already had, "Essential Blogging", by Cory Doctorow, et al.

I don't actually think you need a book to create a blog, it's so darn easy. But I've got an interest (ok, an insatiable curiousity!) about how blogs are being used, and what's possible, that I want to learn more. I think deepening my knowledge will be important to how I move forward with blogs in learning.

BTW, I did a bit of digging, and there are half-a-dozen or so books on blogging. I found some great reviews that really helped me figure out which to buy (I seem to recall the reviews were on Amazon).

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