Friday, November 14, 2003

From the Jay Blog

Just as I put my head up from a couple weeks in which busy-ness had me largely offline, and thinking I need to catch up, I get today's issue of Jay Cross' periodic e-newsletter, pointing to some recent highlights from his world, and from his blog. How timely! Of note:

Jay's blogged his review of TechLearn 2003, great perspectives as always. Lots of good stuff, as usual. Almost feel like I was there. I particularly enjoyed this:

"Elliott stressed the importance of context, saying that if content is king, context is queen. His analogy is off. The age of kings is over; kings are mere figureheads. Also, kings can exist without queens, and vice-versa, but content cannot exist without context. In fact, content + context = learning. Jay's metaphor: Content is inside; context is outside; they are inseparable." Well sed Jay!
Plus enjoyed this bite from my general catch up on Jay's blog:
News? - a fascinating ah ha from the providers of Online Learning Reviews

UPDATE: my post upon learning of Jay's passing in 2015

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