Saturday, September 20, 2003

Blog definitions, trends and uses in learning....

In continuing to explore how blogs are being used, and talking about them, I am finding folks asking me "what is a blog?" So I've been digging for definitions I can share with others. Of course, learned more along the way....
- This definition of blogging from Webopedia is short and sweet
- This description of blogging from Blogger (which powers this blog) is a good place to start
- I really like Jay Cross's description of blogging, and recommend it highly. Jay really knows his blogging (several blogs of Jay's are in my list of fav's).
- There is fascinating information on blog statistics, who blogs, live vs. dead blogs and way more on blogcount. Also some interesting stats on blogging and languages

What I am really focusing in on is how blogs can and are being used in learning and development. This is a new thought to me that I really hadn't explored, and I find is really drawing me in. There are some good posts on this topic in the Learning Times discussion forums.

I've got an e-line column to write in the next week or so, and am thinking of making this the focus. I wonder what examples of blogs in learning I can find. This is going to be an interesting exploration. This is the kind of stuff that keeps my brain lively.

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