Thursday, September 25, 2003

More blog research....

A few more links on blogs... I am out of my office, so I'm really just capturing some links to dig through in more detail later...

Blogging in Corporate America - by Michael Angeles (hmmm... Is this the same Michael Angeles resource I found the other day? probably; will have to go back and check... anyways, this one give you the option to get the PPT with notes)

A Blogger in their Midst - Sept 2003 HBR article, here's the gist: a fictional case-study in blogging to explore "the question of whether a highly credible, but sometimes inaccurate and often indiscreet, online diarist is more of a liability than an asset to her employer." (abstract from elearningpost).... Hmmm... I don't subscribe, will I break down and buy the article? maybe I'll find a friend...

How I Would Implement Weblogs in Business - from Common Craft (gotta check them out too)

Weblogs and Discourse: Weblogs as a transformational technology for higher education and academic research - by Oliver Wrede - the accompanying note says "Blogtalk Conference Paper, Vienna, May 23rd-24th 2003" - does that mean there was a blog conference in May? will have to hunt and see if there was, and if there are resources. {Update: the conference was called BlogTalk, see how I found out in my entry on Sept. 25}.

BLOG SPACE: Public Storage For Wisdom, Ignorance, and Everything in Between - by Steven Johnson, in Wired.... I liked this quote, "What happens when you start seeing the Web as a matrix of minds, not documents?"

Employee Weblog Policy - by Ray Ozzie

Blogs in Education - an interview with Maish Nichani (of elearningpost). You can read it, or listen to the audio. If you like the article, you might like the discussion as well.

I actually poked around that discussion, and found this about blogging in a course on "Writing Across the Arts". Here's the course description, that mentions use of weblogs, here's the instructor's view of it all,

And another example, about students using blogs in research.... Makes sense, as that's what I am doing right now... doing a bit of my blogging research while I am at the library... capturing my links, initial reactions and questions for myself in this blog is WAY better than emailing myself links.

I continue to feel challenged to find examples of blogs in corporate learning; I am finding stuff on blogs in business, and stuff on blogs in 'education' (read: higher education)... I shall continue searching, capturing this other stuff along the way.

Blogs refine enterprise focus: companies are leveraging blogs to streamline business processes - by Cathleen Moore for Infoworld

Best of the Blogs - from CETIS (the centre for educational technology interoperability standards)

A friendly note to anyone who stops by and reads this: if you have, or know of, examples of how blogs are being used in corporate learning and development, please email me (link in the menu bar to the right). Thanks, Roberta

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