Tuesday, September 30, 2003

A shift in survey responses

I am doing an online survey on new employee orientation practices, have done this several times in the past, but have always just invited people in my database. But this time, I have also posted the survey link on some training and development online forums.... and I am finding something a bit interesting. The only mandatory questions I've included are for the respondent information. What I am finding interesting is that there are people who are responding who are putting fake information (e.g. "*" or "no response") into the fields for organization, name and email. As its a survey into organization training practices, I do find it just a bit fascinating.... I can't imagine responding to a business survey myself and doing this. On the other hand, I can only think that people have been burned by inappropriate marketing as a result of sharing information, which is a shame if this is the result.... I haven't figured out whether to exclude these responses from my survey results yet, but am thinking perhaps I have to, as I can't be sure they are from "real" companies. Just an interesting development.
Revised November 30, 2003:
The survey is now closed, and the results are available online.

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