Tuesday, September 23, 2003

My exploration for blogs in business

I've been digging around, and posting to some groups, asking for examples of blogging in business. Actually, I'd focused my questions on blogging in learning, still on a discovery process there.... anyways, I am finding some interesting stuff.

Jay Cross, one of my favourite bloggers, has done a couple of interesting things recently on blogs:
Blogging for Business - an article in Learning Circuits
Blogs ("Let's talk about blogs....") - A short audio overview of blogs

Jay mentions that there was the first every business blogging conference in June, and I have dug up the link. Haven't fully explored this yet, but it appears to be a blog leading up to and including the conference; it's loaded with links:
ClickZ Weblog Business Strategies Conference

A few interesting related links:
VinBlog review of the conference, and more - which lead to:
Michael Gartenberg's slides on Business Weblogs
International Blog Meetup Day - Oct 15

Eric Snyder pointed me to this great presentation on blogs and KM (that wasn't apparent by the title, but it's just bursting with great KM stuff as it relates to blogs:
Making sense of weblogs in the internet

There were also a couple articles on blogging recently in the NY Times, but not so recent that they are still online. Will have to look them up on my next trip to the library. Here are links to the abstracts of:
The online journals known as Web logs are finding favor as an efficient way to communicate within the workplace
The Corporate Blog Is Catching On

The folks at Groove are blogging and making their blogs public and easy to find. You can even read the CEO's blog. Granted, they are using the page on which they have them all organized to cite everything good people say about Groove in blogs, but that's ok. The blogs of their own people are kind of interesting.
Groove blogs

I am finding enough stuff that I am starting to wonder if I am repeating myself here, but what the heck, that's the beauty of this medium. Sometime in the future when I have a more organized collection of citations, I may create a page on my website on this topic, but, for now, this is an easy way to randomly record what I come across, along with some thoughts.

I have been bookmarking this stuff - I use a product called Backflip to handle my bookmarks these days, but at some point, the list of bookmarks becomes lengthy.... the blog is a nice intuitive tool to help

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