Thursday, September 18, 2003

Entering the world of blogs....

About 5 months ago I really learned more about blogs, and vowed to create my own. Well, all those months went by and I still hadn't done it. Well, today while I was attending the conference -- this is an online event hosted by iCohere -- I stumbled on the blog of another attendee. Had a few good chuckles, then when it's creator and I, Ozzie, where chatting online, I told him of my stale vow. He pointed me to blogspot -- and I decided to see how easy it would be. So, here I am blogging within about 10 minutes of the inspiration. I expect it to be a continuing evolution.

For a sense of what a blog is and can be, check out Ozzie's blog and learn about how important bolts are to the life of a satellite.

All 4 now,

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