Friday, February 06, 2009

25 Things About Me

25 things about me... written in about 5 minutes....

1. i can only skate backwards
2. i hate runny eggs
3. i like to doodle
4. in my family, a fish is a "pisky"
5. in my family, a spoon is a "poojay"
6. i am nicknamed beep
7. i am nicknaked snorkle
8. i used Bert for my first name for years
9. i just turned 50
10. i once ate lunch with Sophia Loren
11. i had my picture taken with the Man from Glad
12. i like to live above the 3rd floor
13. i often don't answer the phone
14. i once told a maitre d that my meal was fucking pleasant
15. i once wore 1 brown shoe and 1 black shoe to work
16. i want to see led zepplin live
17. my first album i bought was George Harrison, "All Things Must Pass"
18. i once wrote a book
19. i hate wearing make up
20. i can shower and be out the door in 5 minutes
21. i love avacados
22. i love vodka
23. i can curl my tongue in the shape of a cloverleaf
24. i really do love new york
25. i loved Atlas Shrugged so much I stopped 30 pages from the end -- three times!!

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