Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Morning Routine - Day 2

I shared my 'day 1' morning routine post with the aforementioned colleague, and she thought it was hilarious. actually, so did i... so, we continue with this morning - when it actually all stared..

Today (tuesday)
  • woke up before my alarm, at about 5am, and fairly awake
  • turn on the big light to get a bit of SAD treatment
  • turn on Morning Joe - no Mika today, but still ok
  • Think about my day
  • Bring laptop to bed and do some stuff
  • I decide it would be to my benefit to get into work early, if I want take the shuttle the first one leaves at 7:15, which means I need to leave aroud 6:30 - sheesh, do I have to wait that long?
  • Get up anyways, about 5:45
  • take presecriptions
  • have a shower and dress
  • munch on the 1/2 oatmeal bar i bought last night for my breakfast - would have been better if I hadn't eaten the other 1/2 before i went to bed last night
  • crack a red bull - glad i'd bought an extra one yesterday
  • sit down to Twitter for a bit
  • turn tv to CBC Newsworld at 6
  • how will I pass the time until 6:30?
  • Decide to doodle, so pick up my largest black sketchbook and my fav blue and purple pens and start doodle
  • After about 10 minutes, relaxed and happily doodling, the thought flits through my brain, "if only my colleague could see me now" (the one who has the organized morning routine) and i chuckle
  • have an idea that i should blog a 'typical' Roberta morning, but realize I'd need to do a few as there is nothing typical about any of my days
  • can't resist to start right away, it's about 6:20, i'll just start and take the next shuttle, meaning i have to go about 7
  • I google to find the perfect "monday" image
  • 6:30, I switch to my 3rd news show of the morning, now Global
  • I write the "day 1 routine" blog entry - ha ha, this is pretty fun, and pretty funny, when I actually articulate what goes on in my brain...
  • I am having so much fun, i keep putting off when i should leave, until i've been at it for an hour and a half and realize i need to scramble to make the last shuttle!
  • email the colleague whose comment started all this, so she can share in it
  • 8:05 i leave
  • no cute guys in the elevator
  • NICE morning out! bright, clear, nice snow up on the mountains
  • head down Burrard
  • Fire engines fly by
  • No other strange incidents, other than more sirens
  • As i get to Georgia, i can see flashing lights, hope there isn't an incident at the skytrain station, i have no time to spare
  • wonder about the dorks who stand on the road at the corner of Burrard & Georgia, too lazy to step up on the sidewalk. r u crazy? morning rush hours the drivers practically plow pedestrians down at this corner, i wouldn't tempt fate by standing on street -no major incidents occur though
  • fire truck and ambulance at the Hyatt, but they haven't evacuated (no tourists in robes on the sidewalk) and i get by with little delay
  • another train dash, but no fav seat this morning, but get a good seat for doodling (sideways seats aren't good for this)
  • doodle my way to metrotown, chuckling about my silly blog entry
  • i'm second for the shuttle - it's weird, i think i am still on "smoking time" when I knew i needed 45 minutes to get to the shuttle so i'd have time for a smoke before the shuttle got there, now i am just early --but when i've gone later i've missed the shuttle -- so now it's my safety net
  • shuttle, doodle, arrive at work at 8:50

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