Thursday, February 19, 2009

Morning Routine - day 3

Today was a rough day, so I'm hoping I will find my funny bone as I blog my morning, and help me chill.....

This morning, really began with last night, and so would not be complete without including it:
  • must have fallen asleep watching the news, as I woke up at 1:30am in my easy chair before the tv
  • slighty disoriented, so not ready to drop into bed, so pick up my laptop and start twittering and surfing
  • 2:30am now starting to feel sleepy, just a few more minutes before I go to be... then come across the Facebook ToU story and gotta know more, and the more I know, the madder I get and .....
  • 4:45 am, ok, enough is enough, time to get some sleep
  • laugh as I set my alarm, as it's usually set to go off at 5:15... I settle on 8:00 am, and fall into a dead sleep
  • 8:20, the snooze cycle finally wakes me up, sigh, i roll over and get some SAD light time as I think about my day
  • my first meeting is at 10:00, so if I leave by 9, all's well
  • get up, take prescriptions
  • sit down to check work email, slay any dragons, and see what's up
  • contemplate giving myself a break and taking a taxi instead
  • 8:40, I see an email that indicates that my 10:00 meeting might be rescheduled
  • shower, and dress
  • no food, no redbull...
  • 8:55, still no rescheduled meeting, i need to leave, yet, i figure the meeting will be rescheduled, so I figure it's worth not rushing, and I can always take a cab if need be
  • 9:00, still nothing
  • 9:10, yeah! meeting rescheduled to another day!
  • decide that this is still a cab day
  • about 9:20 I leave
  • waiting for the elevator, I hear someone's keys as they lock their door, so I hold the elevator for them, "nice young man" gets on, surprised and grateful that I waited so he could get on, yes, he's cute, but he's half my age! but still a positive ride down
  • wave at the building managers as i walk out the door, a sure sign that i'm leaving late
  • stop at IGA to get cash and fuel
  • the bank machine spits out my $80, but tells me my balance is shockingly low - what? less than $40 left? it's still 2 days to payday
  • I pick up a cinnamon raisin bagel, a couple redbull (1 for tomorrow) and yogurt
  • I unfold the bills in my pocket, pull out a $20, then fold it before I give it to the cashier, lol, that's backwards, you're supposed to unfold it before you give it to her, i guess i am more sleep deprived than i thought, the cashier and i laugh as I stuff my fuel in my bag
  • grab a plastic spoon... and a handful of napkins for the tp thing
  • head down Burrard to the Sutton Place to get a cab, if one doesn't come along sooner
  • a few steps later, a cab is coming my way, i flag him down, but he seems clueless and keeps driving by, sheesh... oh well, I see cabs at the hotel, 1/4 of a block away
  • i hear a honk, turn, and there's my cabbie afterall
  • I get him in, give him the coordinates, and lay my head back
  • he turns up the radio, but i ask him nicely to turn it off
  • breakfast in the backseat of my cab
  • then start doodling.... not great shocks in this cab, so bumpy for doodles, but we are making good time, so it's cool
  • start thinking about the cash situation, and figure i have a better chance of getting to friday if i use plastic for the cab
  • as we get close to work, i put away my sketchbook and dig out my security pass and put it in my pocket
  • as we pull up the building, something feels odd.... i check my pocket, no security pass, but i had put my vpn token in my pocket instead - doh. i do the switch
  • arrive at the office at 9:50

The story really can't stop there, as i have more demonstrations that i'm not so bright... such as a splitting headache that i dig out some aleve for. there was something else, but i can't remember it now.

not as interesting or funny as other days, but this is my life. I manage to have this kind of sleep-screwed-up morning every couple of weeks....

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