Friday, February 20, 2009

Morning Routine - day 4

Ran into the aforementioned colleague who sparked this whole daily routine thing today, and she said, "you're taking editorial liberties with all that, right?" I assured her, no, this IS my life!! She then said, "please tell me you don't have Red Bull for breakfast?" LOL. Yes i really do!

Ok, my morning today:

  • woke up about 5:30, slept well, but fatigued
  • ponder the morning, and the knowledge that i do have a red bull in the fridge, but nothing for breakfast
  • went outside for a smoke and thought about my day... really hoping to pull off a 4 day long weekend, so there is much to do to pull that off
  • figure I might as well stay up and go in early and get at it
  • tune to MSNBC for Morning Joe
  • take prescriptions, pleased i hadn't forgotten once this week
  • look to my right - it's a Panago box - ah yes!! I'd ordered pizza last night and ordered some of those sweet breadsticks that you dip in icing (how evil) - yes!!
  • nuke the box, grab my red bull, and slip into my easy chair and pick up my laptop
  • put the laptop down when i start dipping the breadsticks in icing
  • wait for the "what we learned today" segment on Morning Joe, then turn to CBC Newsworld at 6
  • ah, yes, Obama day! it's a camera on Air Force one in DC waiting for Obama to arrive by helicopter to get on and head our way
  • log into work email and catch up
  • check my calendar and remember i have a 9:00 coffee meeting
  • there's Obama boarding Air Force One
  • start twittering, and find it very easy to NOT get going, yesterday was a rough day, so figure it's good for me to chill
  • decide that it is also a taxi day - on plastic
  • manage to pass 2 hours, doing what, i cannot recall, but at some point decided to hang out til Obama lands
  • at some point, another smoke
  • gave twitter a play by play from a Canadian's perspective
  • VERY cool to see the photo op of the first Black American President and the first Female Black Governor General -- and they weren't stiff and all that shit, they were genuinely laughing and smiling - VERY cool
  • ok, it's 7:50, I guess I'd better get going
  • out for a smoke
  • quick shower
  • as i dress, i pick my nice yellow t-shirt with the 3/4 length sleeves that I bought in NYC -- the fabric is soft and i want to wear it, it feels like a caress on my skin and somehow comforts me and balances out how vulnerable i felt at the end of yesterday
  • 8:10, I've cut that kind of close, i'd better go
  • log back into email and send a message or two, and pick up the phone numbers of the person i'm meeting, in case i am late
  • doddle and leave about 8:20, oops
  • flag a cab and off I go
  • doodle
  • all well until we end up behind an accident on Kingsway, looks like time to chill
  • call my meeting to let them know i'm late
  • doodle
  • pull up at the office at 9:10

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