Friday, February 13, 2009

The Big Countdown

It's 1 year to go, so I decided to walk by the Olympic clock on my way home today.

I look up and the clock says 392 days. WTF???

Walked over to the other side, and it said 364 days. That's more like it.

The CTV crew was hanging about (facing the 364 days side) so I asked them if they had seen the other side. "No, why?" "Well, it's wrong, it says 390+ days," I say. "That's the countdown to the Paralympic Games". Oopsie!! I should have known that!! Oh well, now I do.

I am totally unimpressed that there was no public event today - only ones for the dignitaries. Sheesh. The taxpayers are going to foot much of the bill for the games, and will make many concessions - give them something in return. Oh, and the big "cultural olympiad" is supposed to be on. ... Wouldn't this have been the night to have some sort of big free concert outdoors or something.

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Stephanie Corker Irwin said...

ahh..I AGREE!!! I only saw a loud bunch cruising down Burrard - protesting.
But speaking of the cultural olympiad - it does look like there will be some interesting events out at UBC this weekend. Perhaps worth checking out!