Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sleeping in, the 7 minute lunch, and crepes


Slept in, woke up at 8:00, and was supposed to be leading a meeting at 9:00. Oops! Let's say there was lots of juggling and a little yellow bus involved in getting my day started.

What a focused and intense and productive day. Punctuated by a 7 minute lunch break - including time to pee, pick up lunch (mac and cheese!), eat it, and put my nose up long enough to be friendly to my co-workers.

Crepes... I stopped to pick up a $6 spinach and feta crepe to eat walking home - and ended up having my crepe on a bar stool, with wine, followed by a banana/strawberry/Nutella crepe, with wine, followed by another glass of wine.

A day in the life of moi....

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