Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Morning Routine - Day 1

I had an interesting chat with a colleague the other day and she was so surprised by something I said about how I'd started my day, as she said all her days start the same. I mean exactly the same (wake up at the same time, eat the same thing for breakfast, leave for work at the same time). Wow. It was a great example of how different we all are. I am SO different. I hate routine, and she thrives on it. So, just for fun, I'll blog my mornings for a few days....

Monday (yesterday):
  • my alarm started at 5:30, i hit snooze
  • rolled over and wondered how, if the weekend was meant for rest, I'd managed only four hours sleep
  • try to get in some light therapy (i have SAD and need to spend 30 or so minutes in front of a big light every day, it's by my bed), do a little kakuro (a puzzle like suduku but on steriods)
  • several rounds of doze, alarm, snooze zzzz
  • at some point, mentally calculate when i need to be in the office, and when i need to leave, decide 8:00
  • get up, maybe 7:15
  • shock when i look in the mirror, oh yeah, i now have purple hair!
  • take prescriptions
  • look in fridge - no red bull
  • another morning of no breakfast food at hand
  • check work email and clean out spam
  • concoct how to gain some breathing room during the day by identifing meetings that can be postponed
  • shower - including the famous vinegar rinse to keep my hair from fading, remember to use the dark towel
  • dress, a good day, as i have lots of clean laundry, ponder a couple tops, and notice that the one i have in my hand has a lot of purple in it's pattern - laugh - it will go with my hair
  • instead of reaching for my usual, fav, slip-on-when-i'm-half-asleep-shoes, i feel a twinge from a little blister so think i should wear something different, dig out chocolate brown part-suede loafer-things with the square toes that I got in NYC a year ago and always forget about
  • reach for my fav spring yellow jacket, then remember, no light colours or fav tops in the first week after getting hair coloured - grab my long red denim coat
  • glance in mirror - i am a jumble of colour, purple hair, red jacket, muticoloured bag
  • look to see if i have any cash to quickly buy something to eat/drink on my way, nope, will involve interac, did i leave enough time for that?
  • it's almost 8:00, time for me to leave, weigh the options of getting to transit with lots of time vs. taking time to grab something and cutting it closer... choose the latter
  • leave home, cute guy in elevator i've not seen before
  • out the door, cross the street to IGA, hang a left to the cash machine, gee, when do i get paid again, what's left? it spits out money, but shows a lower balance than i remember, count the days to payday
  • go to the pastry bins, remember i am going back on my diet later this week, so decide to treat myself with a scone, but 'restrain' myself by getting one without icing
  • head to the deli fridge, but no red bull there, so can't skip the main checkout
  • scoot to the red bull fridge, grab 2 (one for tomorrow) and a small yogurt
  • pay cash - impressive!
  • remember to grab a plastic spoon, and extra napkins to stock up in case i still don't remember to buy tp on the way home
  • 8:05, that went smoothly, shouldn't have to rush too much
  • down Burrard to skytrain, no major incidents along the way, but wonder about the dork who gets out at a stop light to retrieve something from his trunk in the middle of the intersection
  • duck the marketers giving out flyers at the skytrain station, and the 24/metro paper folks
  • down to the skytrain, end up dashing to a train as it pulls in, triumph! i got in before the doors close, and see someone else who wasn't so fast on the other side of the doors -
  • only seat open on the train is my fav seat, which i smugly take (so I do have routines!)
  • breakfast on the train: redbull first, then scone, yogurt
  • doodle
  • get to metrotown, down to 8:45 shuttle, oh, i am the first one there
  • doodle until the shuttle arrives
  • sit in my fav shuttle seat (ah, more routine!)
  • doodle more, but the bumps are tricky
  • arrive at work at 8:50

I'm surprised what I remembered!! This is remarkably fun.....


Stephanie Corker Irwin said...

This is ACTUALLY hilarious! I am not sure if I may have been "the colleague"...but it is extremely enlightening to read this!
Aside: did you actually post this at 6:38AM or is that my computer clock being wonky? If so..would love to hear the morning start to Tuesday!

Roberta said...

nope, you weren't the collegue on this one (though intersting that you think it sounds like you!). I'll tell you who it was when I see you.

and, yes, the time stamp is right.

you'll know why when you read the next edition!