Friday, February 20, 2009

Daily Routine - Day 5 (finale)

TGIF indeed!!! My morning today:
  • 6:15 slowly awake
  • oh, thank goodness its Saturday
  • roll over
  • hmmm... something's not right
  • oh! it's NOT Saturday
  • it's Friday
  • GRIN
  • it FEELS like Saturday because I have the day off - start of a 4 day long weekend!
  • roll over again

That's it.

This has been an interesting adventure, to blog my mornings for a full week, but to be honest, it was more fun and funny the first couple of days... though at some point i might look back at all this and find it amusing... i

I also left me thinking that i could write a fictional blog and have a blast with it... as soon as i thought about that, "Dell" went through my mind... hmm.... a girl named Dell in a big city blogs her daily life?

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